Solid Epoxy Adhesive

EBM-Lite is a  three-component, water-cleanable 100% Solid Epoxy Adhesive for installations where exceptional high-strength and impact resistance is required.



EBM-Lite SDS Part A

EBM-Lite SDS Part B

EBM-Lite SDS Part C



EBM-Lite’s unique and technologically advanced formulation provides non-sag and non-slip features that allows the mortar to hold tile in place. The non-slump capabilities are especially useful for supporting larger format tile or stone in floor installations. EBM-lite is 30% lighter than other epoxy mortars. This technology allows the handling characteristics of a cement-based mortar but retains the superior performance of an epoxy.

EBM-Lite is suitable for both commercial and domestic, internal and external applications. EBM-Lite is ideal for moisture sensitive tile and stone products. EBM-Lite can be trowelled and spot fixed making it a versatile epoxy adhesive.