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‘EZE-Clip’ Tile Levelling System

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ACT Australia’s new ‘EZE-Clip’ Tile Levelling System has been engineered with technologically advanced systems to ensure you get the best possible result when laying tiles. We have taken more than 25 years of industry experience along with customer feedback to create a premium product that is effective and easy to use.

The EZE-Clip Tile Levelling System includes a premium 1.5mm Clip & our Big Blue Wedge! The system is proudly Australian Engineered & Manufactured.

Tile Levelling System 1.5mm Clip

Clip Features:

  • Ergonomic Design Engineered & designed to reduce fatigue on hands
  • EZE Break off The patented ‘T-Post’ design gives an EZE break off making kicking off quick and easy.
  • Strong & Flexible To ensure clips don’t break until they are meant to
  • Faster Installation The features listed above ensure for a faster install
  • Economical Saving time = saving money
  • Suits Large Wedges Use with Big Blue EZE-Clip Wedge or your existing wedges
  • Available in cartons of 450 or 1800 


Wedge Features: 

  • Extra Large D-Shaped Thumbprint for ease of use
  • Super Durable The strong material ensures that the EZE-Clip Wedge will not break!
  • Passive Teeth Profile For quicker and smoother engagement with EZE-Clip
  • Longer Wedge Gives you more useable teeth area
  • 3mm Spacer EZE-Clip wedge can double as a 3mm Spacer
  • Easy to use Unique anti-friction rails make EZE-Clip wedge easier to use
  • Available in Cartons of 250 

Contact us for your free EZE-Clip sample pack!