Impervious Substrate Primer

PR-1 “The Blue One” Impervious Substrate Primer is a unique fast drying specialist one coat primer.

Available in 1.2L, 4L & 10L Drums



Designed for use over impervious (non porous) substrates and materials prior to being tiled or waterproofed. PR-1 “The Blue One” has a desired textured finish so becomes the perfect primer to tile over. PR-1 “The Blue One” can be used on internal & external applications to prime over existing tiles, vinyl, plastic, metal, epoxy coatings, carpet & vinyl adhesive residue and other non-porous substrates including Scyon Secura and Cemintel Constructafloor. PR-1 saves time and money eliminating the need for grinding and removing existing tiles, vinyl, epoxy coatings etc. PR-1 “The Blue One” Impervious Substrate Primer is ready to use one coat primer. 1L will cover approximately 15m2 depending on type and porosity of substrate. Cured film thickness should be no less than 0.20mm.