Primers & Additives

Our premium Primers and Additives range is engineered with technologically advanced systems to ensure you get the best possible product for any job.

MBP Multi Surface Bonding Primer available in 3.8L &13.2L 

  • Water Based Primer
  • Delivers superior adhesion on a variety of substrates where proper bonding is difficult
  • Requires only one coat and needs no shot blasting or abrasion
  • For use on Porous and Non-Porous surfaces


PR-1 Non Porous Substrate Primer available in 1.2L, 4L, 10L & 20L

  • Unique fast drying specialist one coat primer
  • Desired textured finish so becomes the perfect primer to tile over
  • Used on internal & external applications


PR-2 Porous Substrate Primer available in 2L and 20L

  • Synthetic latex based liquid primer
  • Suitable for priming a range of porous substrates
  • Eliminates dust and reduces the porosity of substrates
  • Use on both internal and external wall and floor applications


EP-2 Epoxy Primer and Waterproof Membranes 2 part kit

  • Prevents moisture penetration and rising damp scenarios
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Excellent moisture resistance in both positive and negative applications
  • Use on Concrete and Masonry substrates



 AD-1 Acrylic Additive available in 4L &20L 

  • Full Acrylic Polymer Additive specially formulated to use with sand and cement screeds
  • Increases the tensile strength, water resistance and flexibility of cement based products
  • Suitable for interior and exterior areas