Discover ‘Clip-iT’ our Premium Tile Levelling System

Tile Levelling System that has been designed for best results

Our unique ‘Clip-it’ Tile Levelling System designed, engineered & manufactured right here in Australia specifically for use with larger format & rectified tiles including Ceramic, Porcelain, Vitrified, Marble, Granite and Natural Stones for all wall & floor applications both internally & externally.

‘Clip-iT’s’ very clever light grey ‘Clip’ component is made from an Australian premium blend of virgin polymer material designed to easily break where it is meant to… beneath the tile every time! While the larger black ‘Wedge’ component has been specially designed with soft round edges and larger “thumbprint” saving the dreaded finger fatigue or ‘ninja finger’ as experienced with other wedge systems. The ‘Clip-iT’ wedge also comprises of a more durable virgin polymer material enabling long life re-use with the ACT ‘Wedges’ sold in packs of 1000 & 250’s.