ACT SP-Mat 3mm (Acoustic Underlay)

An economical, easy to use 3mm soundproof underlayment for tile and floating timber floor applications to meet BCA requirements. On site and individual testing should be carried out to ensure product system meets relevant requirements. It should be noted various on site floor/ceiling construction configuration will affect acoustic results. One roll of 3mm Soundproof mat consists of 18 Square Metres.


Product Description

SP-MAT 3mm is an acoustic soundproof underlay. 
Specifically designed for the reduction of impact sound to suit both concrete and timber substrates.SP-MAT 3mm has been specifically engineered to meet the acoustical requirements of specifiers for all common construction and installation methods.

For use in high-rise units, multi storey town houses and homes. SP-MAT 3mm Acoustic Underlay can be used in new and old buildings requiring impact sound insulation. And can be used for the installation of ceramic floors, timber, laminate, carpet, plank vinyl etc.

SP-MAT 3mm Acoustic Underlay can be used in wet areas when installed in conjunction with WP-1 “The Pink One” or other ACT Australia approved Waterproofing Membranes. And can be applied and tiled over using ACT Australia Tile Adhesives ADH-33, ADH-44 & ADH-55.

One roll of SP-MAT 3mm Acoustic Underlay will give you 18 square metres of coverage. Individual testing should be carried out to ensure SP-MAT 3mm meets the specific requirements of each job. Construction Configuration including concrete thickness, density, floor/ceiling configuration etc. will affect acoustic results. For application details, test results and product limitations see Product Data Sheet here.

Additional information

Weight40 kg