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Our Waterproofing Membrane Range

Discover our Premium Waterproofing Membrane Range

Waterproofing Membrane designed for Australian Conditions

ACT Australia’s premium range of waterproofing membrane have been engineered with technologically advanced systems to ensure you get the best possible products. We have taken 25 years industry experience and customer feedback to create our current range that consists of three core products WP-1 “The Pink One”, WP-1 “The Grey One” and EP-2. To complement our range of waterproofing membrane WP-1 Polyester Bandage is also available.

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WP-1 "The Pink One" Waterproofing MembraneWP-1 “The Pink One” Under Tile Membrane

WP-1 “The Pink One” is a class III waterborne flexible SBR under tile waterproofing membrane. Used for internal and external applications. Suitable for wet areas to be tiled including bathroom waterproofing & shower recesses, laundry & kitchen waterproofing and waterproofing balconies.

WP-1 “The Pink One” is suitable for use over a range of substrates including concrete, fibrous cement sheeting, Scyon sheeting, plasterboard and existing tiles. And is Capable of accommodating expected structural movement.

WP-1 “The Pink One” is suitable for use with ProLiteADH-55ADH-44, ADH-41ADH-33, ADH-31 & ADH-22 tile adhesives.

WP-1 "The Grey One" Trafficable UV stable Waterproofing MembraneWP-1 “The Grey One” Trafficable UV Stable Membrane

WP-1 “The Grey One” is a waterborne elastomeric waterproofing membrane with outstanding long term UV stability. Used for internal wall and floor applications.

WP-1 “The Grey One” is suitable for use over a range of substrates including concrete, concrete block, brick and other masonry surfaces & Scyon sheeting. It is also suitable for waterproofing metal and steel roofing as well as concrete roof areas.

Can be tiled over with ADH-55

EP-2 Epoxy Primer & Waterproofing Membrane

EP-2 Epoxy Primer & Waterproofing Membrane

EP-2 is a water based epoxy primer and waterproofing membrane. Used internally & externally for both positive and negative waterproofing applications.

EP-2 is suitable for use on concrete, concrete block, render, brick, masonry & stone substrates.  It will also prevent moisture penetration and rising damp scenarios. EP-2 can be tiled over with ADH-55

WP-1 Polyester BandageWP-1 Polyester Bandage

WP-1 Polyester Bandage is a 100mm polyester fabric supplied on 50m rolls. Used internally for the corners and joins of wall & floor sheet applications.

WP-1 Polyester Bandage is suitable to be bedded into a wet first coat of ACT WP-1 membranes with a second coat then applied over the top.

More information on each ACT Australia waterproofing membrane can be found on the product pages and product data sheet of the corresponding product. Still not sure what waterproofing membrane is best for your job? Contact our Technical Services.