WP-1 Trafficable

Trafficable UV Stable Waterproof Membrane

WP-1 TrafficableThe Grey One”  UV Stable Waterproof Membrane is a waterborne elastomeric waterproofing membrane with outstanding long-term UV stability.

Available in 12L

WP-1 Trafficable PDS

WP-1 Trafficable SDS

WP-1 Trafficable “The Grey One” is an effective anti carbonation membrane for concrete as it exceeds the “Klopfer criterion” requirements of Sd <4m and R > 50m. WP-1 Trafficable “The Grey One” is ideally suited for waterproofing rooftop and exposed areas requiring maintenance/service light foot traffic. It can also be used on internal and external walls including concrete, concrete block, brick and other masonry surfaces. WP-1 Trafficable “The Grey One” is anti fungal & algal resistant in humidity environments and is an aesthetically pleasing light grey colour.