Premium flexible high strength non-slip/non-slump, Powder mastic style tile adhesive. Used for internal and external wall & floor tiling applications.

C2ETS1_4992 Compliance-01

C2 - High Adhesion Strength
E - Extended Open Time
T - Non Slup/Non Slump
S1 - Good Flexibility

Suitable for tiling over concrete, sand cement screeds, cement render, fibrous cement sheeting, plasterboards as well as tiling over existing tiles. ADH-44 is ideal for large format tiles including rectified edge tiles.

ADH-44 is suitable for shower recesses. And is ideally suited for use over ACT WP-1 (class III) under tile Waterproofing Membrane and other ACT Australia approved under tile waterproofing membranes. ADH-44 has crack bridging capability <1mm.

ADH-44 Tile Adhesive is mixed with approximately 6L of clean drinking water per 20kg bag. Each bag will give you approximately 8 square metres of coverage with a 10mm notch trowel.
IPT Infused Primer Tech-01