ADH-66 Light

Premium flexible white tile adhesive that offers massive adhesion strength in a lightweight formula.

C2ETS2_4992 Compliance-01

C2 - High Adhesion Strength
E - Extended Open Time
T - Non Slup/Non Slump
S2 - Highly Deformable Adhesive

Suitable for internal and external wall and floor applications ADH-66 Light can be used to adhere most types of tiles including stone. It’s massive adhesion strength & non slip/non slump makes it ideal for anything from subway tiles to large format and heavy tile installations. Wall tiles are immediately held in place and where you place your tile or stone is where is stays!

ADH-66 Light lightweight tile adhesive is ideal for use over concrete, sand & cement screeds, green screeds, cement render, existing tiles, fibrous cement sheeting, plasterboard as well as WP-1, and ACT Australia approved under tile waterproofing membranes.

Key Features

  • Massive adhesion tensile strength! More than DOUBLE C2 requirement
  • Immediately holds wall tiles in place with ‘absolutely no slip!’
  • Lightweight
  • White in colour
  • Super smooth and effortless workability
  • Use for immersed applications (domestic) as adhesive & grout
  • Approx. 40 minutes open time & 4 – 6 hour pot life
  • 13kg bag covers up to 8m2
  • No slump with large format tile or stone applications  
  • Suitable as tile adhesive & grout for swimming pools and other immersed applications
  • Available in a 13kg bag ADH-66 Light will cover the same area as a 20kg bag of traditional tile adhesive.
    It has approximately 40 minutes open time and 4 – 6 hour pot life.

    ADH-66 Light is suitable for internal and external applications including bathrooms, laundries, toilets, kitchens, existing tiles, decks & verandahs. It is ideal for adhering most types of tiles & porcelain including large format tiles. ADH-66 Light can also be used for immersed applications such as domestic swimming pools as both a tile adhesive and grout.

    In normal circumstances no priming is required as ADH-66 Light has unique Infused Primer Technology (IPT).

    IPT Infused Primer Tech-01