SCR-100 (20kg)

SCR-100 is a specialty premium quality high strength pre-blended sand & cement mixture for the installation of cementitious screeds and beds.

Being a pre blended mix, SCR-100 eliminates the carrying and mixing of sand & cement on site so is ideal for multi storey buildings.
SCR-100 can be used for both internal and external, commercial and domestic screeding applications such as main foyers, floors, shower recesses, bathroom & laundry floors, balconies and patios etc.
SCR-100 Pre-blended Screed is suitable for use beneath tiling systems and other various flooring systems, Including ACT Australia’s WP-1 Waterproofing Membrane.  SCR-100 can be tiled over after a minimum of 24hours with ACT Tile Adhesives ADH-31, ADH-33, ADH-44 & ADH-55. SCR-100 can be mixed with AD-1 to increase compressive strength, flexibility, water resistance and adhesion.
SCR-100 Pre Blended Screed is mixed with approximately 2.2L of clean drinking water per 20kg bag. Each bag will give you 1 square metre of coverage at 10mm thick.