Floor Preparation

Levellers are self-levelling compounds that smooth out, flatten and level uneven floor substrates prior to waterproofing, tiling or applying floating floors, vinyl or laminated floor products. See our full range of Floor Preparation below.

Premium Self Levelling Cement Floor PreparationLVL-25 Self Levelling Cement

  • Premium, fast setting, self-levelling, self-flattening cement compound and underlayment
  • Designed to level and flatten uneven floor substrates
  • Easy to use
  • Both internal & external floor applications



Floor Preparation

  GenPatch Patching  Compound

  • Fast-setting, calcium aluminate compound
  • Provides a smooth finish on interior subfloors
  • Fast setting technology allows installation of new floor coverings in just 30 – 90 minutes
  • Suitable as an underlayment for carpet, wood, vinyl, laminated flooring, pavers and stone tiles



Floor PreparationSilk Fine Feather Finish Compound

  • Patching and Finishing Compound
  • Provides a smooth finish to a variety of substrates
  • Suitable for interior and exterior subfloors



Floor Preparation

LevelQuik Primer Available in 0.9L & 3.8L

  • Advanced Acrylic primer/sealer
  • Prepares surfaces for the application of self-levelling underlayments
  • Improves adhesion
  • Seals Porous and Non-Porous surfaces