Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the best Tile Adhesive to use for my outside job?

ADH-55 or ADH-66 Light if fully exposed to sun

What Tile Adhesive can I use for swimming pools?

ADH-55 & ADH-66 Light can both be used as an adhesive and grout for domestic applications

Can I use your adhesive to tile over green screed?

Yes. After 24 Hours minimum drying time you can use ADH-66 Light, ADH-55ADH-44, ADH-33 or ADH-31

How soon can I tile over a new concrete slab?

After 7 Days you can use ADH-66 Light, ADH-55ADH-44, ADH-33 

After 28 Days you can use any of our Tile Adhesives

What Tile Adhesive can I use to lay SP-MAT?

You can use either ADH-66 Light, ADH-55, ADH-44 or ADH-33 both above and below our SP-MAT.

You will need to use a 6mm notch trowel below the mat (laying mat to the substrate) 

You will need to use minimum 10mm notch trowel above the mat (laying tiles)

Tiles larger than 300mm x 300mm require a minimum 12mm notch trowel. The larger the tile the bigger the notch trowel required. 

What glue is best if I’m tiling in an elevator?

ADH-55. You will also need to ensure there is 100% contact on the tile before laying. This will allow for heavy traffic.

What adhesive can I use over an epoxy resin floor?

Firstly, thoroughly clean the surface with a pressure washer. Once dry apply one coat of PR-1. Leave this for 24 hours to dry then tile over using ADH-55

Can I use any of your adhesives for Moisture Sensitive Stone?  

Unfortunately no. As all of our adhesives are cement based these will not be suitable for Moisture Sensitive Stone. 

How do I get dried glue off the surface of a ceramic tile?

You can try Mr Muscle oven cleaner (we have had some good reports on this). Spray onto tile & let it sit for a bit. Agitate with a white nylon scourer or brush then wash off with water. You may need to repeat. 

Can I add Black Oxide to your products?

Yes. You can add up to 5% by weight of black oxide with ADH-55 & ADH-66 Light 

We will not guarantee colour consistency but this wont affect the product.

Can I waterproof over existing tiles?

Yes, ensure existing tiles are completely clean with no contaminants & no drummy tiles. Apply one coat of PR-1 leave to dry for 24 hours. Once fully cured apply 2 coats of WP-1.

Can I render over Waterproofing?

Both the Pink and Grey WP-1 can be rendered over. It is however best to use The Pink One as it has grit in it so render adheres better.

Can I Use WP-1 The Pink One in a Swimming Pool?

Yes, it is, just leave for a few days to fully dry out before tiling making sure no rain in this timeframe. Best to do three (3) good coats

Can I lay SCR-100 direct to concrete slab?

Concrete slab must have a slurry coat before laying SCR-100. We recommend a slurry coat on all substrates. Including over WP-1. This helps lock in the screed.

Is S-25 OK to use around pools? 

It sure is!