RW-1 Retaining wall waterproof membrane

Synthetic rubber co-polymer modified retaining wall waterproof membrane which has been specifically engineered for retaining walls, sub-grade areas and where not exposed to UV.

Available in 15L Drums.

Our retaining wall waterproof membrane is heavy duty, effective and economical and has been designed for areas that do not require painting or a finishing coat. Being extremely strong RW-1 remains highly flexible under the most demanding of waterproofing situations. RW-1 is environmentally safe, non-flammable, easy to apply and suitable for use for the collection of drinking water.

RW-1 “The Black One” is recommended for use on retaining walls, decks, gutters, planter boxes, terracotta pots and is suitable to use for the collection of drinking water. 

Each 15L drum of RW-1 retaining wall waterproof membrane will cover approximately 12m2 after two coats. A third coat may be required for complex or highly irregular substrates.
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