Frequently Asked Questions:

What Tile Adhesive can I use over your SP-Mat?

6mm trowel (below Mat)                   10mm trowel (above Mat)

ADH-33             14m                                                            11m

ADH-44             12m                                                            8.5m

ADH-55             10m                                                            7m

Tiles larger than 300mm x 300mm require a minimum 12mm notch trowel. The larger the tile the bigger the notch trowel required which will vary coverage shown above.  Coverage will also vary depending on substrate. 

What is the best Tile Adhesive to use for my outside job?

ADH-55 if fully exposed to sun

What Tile Adhesive can I use for pools?

 ADH-55 & ProLite as Adhesive and grout (Commercial pools MUST use CEG-Lite Epoxy Grout) 

Can I use your adhesive to tile over green screed?

24 Hours minimum drying time – ADH33, ADH44 & ADH55

Can I add Black Oxide to your products?

Yes. You can add up to 5% by weight of black oxide with ADH-55 & ProLite – We will not guarantee colour consistency but this wont affect product.

Can Prism be used in pools?

Yes for domestic pools only. However we only recommend light colours (Platinum is darkest) as when Ph varies it can discolour darker grouts. CEG-Lite Epoxy Grout for Commercial pools.

What grout can I use in steam room, Sauna, Hyrdotherapy pool etc.?

CEG-Lite Epoxy Grout

What Glue can I use for Moisture Sensitive stone?  

EBM-Lite only. Ideally used with CEG-Lite Epoxy Grout. Sanded grouts can discolour around tile.